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14 August 2019
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Wave Energy Scotland’s Fifth Innovation Call - Quick Connection Systems

Welcome to the Brokerage Event

Wave Energy Scotland’s Call for Quick Connection Systems

This Brokerage Event enables industry, science and technology professionals the opportunity to make new business contacts, and to identify potential partners to develop Quick Connection Systems for wave energy converters.

Participants are expected from sectors with connection systems (electrical and structural), moorings and sub-sea cabling, oil and gas, electrical engineering, aerospace, space engineering, offshore wind, ROVs, sub-sea vessel stability and manoeuvring and others. Key R&D players already engaged with the WES programme are also expected.

Find out more about the quick connection systems call at http://tiny.cc/QuickConnect

The first presentations about the Call are recorded here: 


Competition Scope and Objectives

Wave Energy Scotland’s call is for Quick Connection Systems (QCS), with the aim of reducing the duration, cost and risk of offshore operations for connecting prototype wave energy converter devices to either its mooring system, electrical system, or moorings and electrical systems combined.

Development of a Quick Connection System will need to take into account the unique challenges of wave energy, including:

  • Maintaining the device station‐keeping and/or a reliable electrical connection in operational and survival conditions,
  • Minimising time on site and specialist vessel requirements,
  • Maximising the range of environmental conditions in which QCS operations may take place,
  • Minimise the impact of QCS integration on the energy captured by the device,
  • Salt water environment including corrosion, erosion and bio‐fouling,
  • Ensuring the safety, reliability, and repeatability of connection and disconnection operations.

Event Focus

The agenda for the day will include the following:

  • Reiteration of the application process and the call details*
  • Review of the landscaping studies which informed the scope of this competition
  • Opportunities with Scottish economic development agencies
  • Short, sharp 20 minute meetings to foster effective networking

A full agenda will be provided closer to the time.

*These presentations will also be live streamed, and available to review following the event. A link to the live stream will be provided on the Wave Energy Scotland website.

Why participate?

  • Showcase your most prestigious projects, products or know-how
  • Initiate new contacts and co-operation
  • Find new commercial/technological/research partners
  • Get latest information on wave energy technology development and related research findings
  • Present, discuss and develop new projects

How does it work?

  1. Register, upload a profile and publish your collaboration needs
  2. Browse the participant list and arrange to meet the companies you are interested in
  3. Use the time to extend working relations and get up to speed.



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